Liberty & Democracy Party


The federal election has now been called and finally there is a political party that Australian libertarians can support — the Liberty & Democracy Party. Please get out there and lend a hand — donate money, stand as a candidate, hand out LDP material, promote the LDP on the net, join our facebook or myspace groups, make an LDP video for youtube, link to the LDP website, contribute to the LDP blog, tell your friends, write letters to the editor, and of course VOTE 1 LDP!

5 thoughts on “Liberty & Democracy Party

  1. Just a friendly bump. You should put a link to the LDP website/blog in the main text of this post. You don’t know how many people might stumble on this and not see the links in the right sidebar. You know, do the the all the “serious marketing things” that you can think of. 😉

  2. Are the LDP planning on running a candidate in the Rankin electorate? I see Rankin is one of six QLD electorates listed on the official website, but there’s no name next to it.

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