Love the environment? check.
Wanna do your bit for Mother Earth? check
Thought that voting Green might be the answer? check
Before you do so, you might want to read their policies first. This is from the British Green Party’s Policy page. It starts so promisingly.
‘We believe in people taking control of their own lives.’
Gotta love that. But here’s the rest,

‘Stop Britain’s public services from being forced to open to international competition. Measure economic benefits in terms of quality of life, development of people and care for the environment, as well as money in the bank. (Ed – that must be the Happiness Index, where Happiness = Reality/Expectations).
Campaign for a binding legal framework for corporate social responsibility.
Raise the rate of Corporation Tax to 40% (from 30%)
Ban supermarkets from further store openings.
Place restrictions on global free trade.’

‘The Greens believe in education being for the public good, and publicly-funded.’

‘Re-nationalisation of Britain’s railways and re-regulation of our buses.’

Peace and Justice
‘Poverty and oppression still fuel conflict and nurture extremism. The people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Palestine still long for real peace. (Ed – claiming to speak on behalf of other cultures is a real White Thing).
Progress is not the inequality that comes from half the world living on less than £1.70 a day.’ (Ed – but hasn’t free trade and capitalism just dragged 600 million people out of this trap?)

Home & Community
‘Stopping motorways and urban sprawl from disfiguring hills and forests that have inspired generations of musicians, writers, poets and painters.’

Food We Can Trust
‘We want a GM-free Britain.
Farm animals have a right not to suffer.
(Ed – does this mean they are against halal meat?)
Banning food imports from poor African countries… Caroline Lucas won support from many farmers for highlighting the absurd trade where British food products are flown half way round the world to countries which sell exactly the same type of products back to us.’

Clean Green Energy
‘Investing in sources of energy like offshore wind farms, wave and solar power that don’t cause global warming.
The return of the fuel-duty escalator so that petrol and diesel become progressively more expensive year by year.
Real Progress means stopping the nuclear industry.’

Animal Rights
‘We want an end to animal experimentation.’ (Ed – for medicine too?)

By the People, for the People
‘We believe in people taking control of their own lives. But that doesn’t mean that the State has no role to play: what is the function of Government if not to regulate the economy in favour of the majority and of the long-term interests of the world we live in?’

What, indeed. This political party, to the untrained eye of course, looks a little like this one.

10 thoughts on “Watermelons

  1. Ever since the fall of communism anti-capitalists have clung to the environmental movement.

    It’s a pity they don’t care about the environment as much as they care about crushing the evil corporations.

  2. Thank God there’s no equivalent libertarian party (can’t get off their arses I expect) imagine how ridiculous their policies would look.



  3. I know. Getting rid of European Agricultural subsidies would be ridiculous wouldn’t it?

    We can’t offend those poor dears in the French slow food movement. Stuff the thrid world farmers and the environment.

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  5. Why not ban all human activity in general, since it is an offence against ‘the environment’?

    The green movement is the death-rattle of totalitarian fascism.

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