Sex, money and property developers

This story was intriguing when it first broke into the headlines but it now has more twists and subplots than a daytime soap opera. Everybody is having sex with somebody, people are passing out bribes, guys are impersonating ICAC officials to extort money, lovers are organising to knock eachother off. Even the state premier Morris Iemma makes an appearance on stage. And all in the name of motivating council staff to approve re-zoning and building permission in a state where property prices are through the roof.

11 thoughts on “Sex, money and property developers

  1. Thanks Mark. I do try occasionally when I find the will, in the mean time I use it to practise writing effectively. Doing my LLB at the moment…

  2. There ought be no zoning regulations whatsoever. That way this girl can get poked by anyone she wants and it won’t matter at all.

    Imagine if you sold your property at a loss to someone only to find that you could have gotten twice the price if the building permission was given in advance. This is all gross violation of property rights.

    You have Australia Talks on the radio talking about homelessness. But no-ones truly wants to do anything about homelessness. If they did why would they have zoning laws, height restrictions on buildings and so forth?

    Its sickening. The radio show talking about the need for more spending as they always do. But not even serious since no-one mentioned getting rid of height restrictions on buildings nor getting rid of zoning.

  3. Graeme:

    “That way this girl can get poked by anyone she wants and it won’t matter at all”


    Well said for the rest anyway.

  4. Isn’t the first – won’t be the last such scandal.

    The real issue in NSW ( and probably the other states ) is not property developers and other vested interests making political donations to parties above the table. It is the brown paper bags and secret Swiss bank accounts under the table that really erodes politics.

    ‘Secret Swiss bank accounts’ ?

    Yes – remember one of Rene Rivkin’s partners in a little Swiss money stash was Graham What-ever-it-Takes Richardson ?! A saga in itself.

    This poor deluded lass probably looked around and thought dirty money and tawdry sex was the approved mode of career advancement in public service in NSW.

    And yes – I am indeed vexed because I read so much comment on the blogosphere about the claimed gross immorality of the previous federal government and/or the coalition in general – and a deafening silence from the same voices when it is apparent that at the state level the supposed leaders of morality preside over a system whereby corruption, sexual harrassment and probably threats of violence are treated as an entitlement for those with their hands on the levers of power.

    And if anyone is foolish enough to think the tentacles of corruption will stop just at zoning issues – well ask yourself how the drug trade in this state has been able to flourish so successfully over the last 30-odd years ? They don’t seem to see it very clearly from Macquarie Street – even when a guy named Milton is doing right in the middle of their ranks.

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