India stands up to the US on Iran

The US State Department has decided it knows how to deal with Iran better than India does. But India begs to differ:

USING uncharacteristically strong language, India last night told the US to butt out and mind its own business after Washington attempted to tell the country how to deal with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he visits New Delhi next week.

Ahead of the visit, the first to India by the Iranian leader, a State Department official offered gratuitous advice to India on how to handle him, suggesting that it should take a tough line in pressuring Tehran on the nuclear issue to “become a more responsible actor on the world stage”.

We need more countries like India to speak out against America’s current isolationist policy (sanctions, threats of military confrontation) towards Iran. I think it would reduce the chances of the Iraq war spreading into Iran.

9 thoughts on “India stands up to the US on Iran

  1. I think you’re seeing too much here Sukrit. The US gives a perfectly reasonable recommendation. India says that they’ll do their own thing. So what?

    I guess your point is that America is being too beligerent with Iran and is trying to shift the world consensus towards war. Perhaps. But I don’t think we’re heading to war any time soon (insh’allah)… and if we were I don’t think India would do anything meaningful to oppose it.

  2. The US is quite entitled to its view and to offer advice to India. India can also accept or reject that advice and offer some of its own. There is nothing significant in any of that.

    More generally, India’s history of avoiding war is poor. Is it five wars with Pakistan since independence?

    India is making a mistake sucking up to Iran’s belligerent half-wit President. Hindus are infidels like Jews. If Iran were to attack India rather than Israel with nuclear weapons, would the US flatten Iran in response?

  3. Sukrit:

    you gotta stop it with anti-american crap you go on about. The US went to war with Iran a few months ago anyway. The US has convinced nations that have major banking centres to stop doing business with Iran. this bascially isolates the mullahs even more. The effect is that no bank no matter how large or small can aford to do busiess with Iran any longer as they too would get frozen out of the global banking system altogether.

    Take that Mullahs.

  4. Good to see India getting tough with the Damyankees! India has A-bomb technology AND rockets! Maybe it’s time we had a few Indian bases here? If democracy is all about numbers, there are more Indians than Yanks, so let’s get with the strength!

  5. Who wants to play a little guessing game? It’s called “Guessing Which Country the US will Bomb Next”.

    Consider the following:

    1. John McCain has promised “there will be other wars”

    2. Hilary Clinton has threatened Iran and become increasingly hawkish of late

    3. Barack Obama has endorsed pre-emptive strikes against Pakistan

    Anyone who knows the history of US foreign policy would not be so naive as to think this is merely “tough talk” and that after they win the presidency they will become more moderate. Nobody who truly believes in peace would even consider making such statements.

    I haven’t yet made up my mind. But I would say it’d have to be a country known by the top-tiers of government to have no WMDs (even the neo-cons would hesitate to invade a country that actually had real WMDs, as opposed to make-believe ones).

  6. I rather hope they bomb Melbourne. It would eliminate the source of silly posts like this (with the bonus of removing a few unwanted relatives of mine).

  7. I wonder why Sukrit hasn’t been telling us lately what a wonderful country China is and how it will stop the coming US tyranny 🙂

  8. In all honesty Sukrit, Pakistan may totally deserve what they get. Meshud is running amok along with (probably) bin Laden in Waziristan. What have the Pakistani Government, a “loyal” ally of Western liberal democracies done to help?

    I’m not syaing it will necessarily be worth the effort. Just that like the US, they will reap what they sow.

    Israel probably has good grounds to pre emptively strike Iran, which ahs promised nuclear annihlation (of Israel, and in turn Palestine and probably Lebanon, Jordan and parts of Syria).

    Again, the prospects of the US fighting a successful war for a positive outcome are highly doubtful when they can’t even afford Iraq.

    That said, India has an interest in keeping Iran sane and Waziristan being pacified.

  9. Israel will probably do something, I imagine that when they do there will be 3-4 US Aircraft carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf.

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