The Revolution has started

Congressman Ron Paul’s new book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, was released today (April 30 in American time). It will debut at #7 on the NY Times Bestseller list. This is impressive, as that list position is based on pre-release sales figures. The number of copies sold is likely to grow even higher now that the book has been officially released. The Revolution has also reached #1 on

It has always been the case that political movements are fleeting. But books are a long-term investment: they make the case for liberty to future generations. This book continues the momentum achieved last year, when Dr Paul set an online-fund raising record by hauling in $6 million in one day. He has raised nearly $35 million in total, not a bad sum in comparison to some other “mainstream” (read populist) candidates.

I will order my copy online today, and hopefully others reading this will do the same. Having read his other book (A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce and Honest Friendship) and being familiar with libertarianism, I don’t expect to find any amazing new insights. The Revolution is a political tract similar to the Communist Manifesto, not an academic treatise; apparently it has no footnotes, although it does have a comprehensive reading list at the end. For many libertarians, buying the book would be an act of solidarity more than anything else. If it reaches #1 on the bestseller lists and stays there, non-libertarians all over the world will be more likely to read it.

In my opinion no-one has done more than Ron Paul to energise freedom-loving Americans in the past year. He has even been noticed in Sri Lanka. Murray Rothbard, who was a firm believer in principled political activism, would have been ecstatic.

Although Paul was never going to win, one can perhaps liken the Ron Paul Revolution to the movement to take back the Republican Party started by Barry Goldwater that culiminated in the election of Ronald Reagan. It’s unlikely another politician could have achieved Paul’s level of success, as no other politician has such a consistent voting record, refuses Congressional perks and practices what he preaches (rejecting government-loans for his children’s university education, etc.).

Dr Paul has received nearly 1 million votes in the Republican primaries so far. Looks like the second American revolution against big government has started.  

10 thoughts on “The Revolution has started

  1. Let’s hope that the L&DP uses the ideas to launch the Evolution here! (Societies evolve, not revolve: Aristotle is wrong) All for Life, Liberty and Laissez-Faire!!

  2. Wow, I guess RP was smart enough to capitalize on his publicity fairly quickly.. 😉

  3. I’ll be buying it; it’s quite encouraging to see it sell so many copies already. It amazes me to no end how much he’s been marginalised in the mainstream US media over the course of the campaign. And equally amazing is how well the internet has countered that obvious bias against him.

  4. Love your title – “The Revolution has Started.” – that’s an understatement.

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  6. I’m from Pennsylvania, and a supporter of Ron Paul. I’m always surprised of the support he has obtained in Australia. They say our nations have a lot in common.. maybe because many of our founders were from England? Well, whatever, thanks for your support. Let’s hope for the best…

  7. L.Step, welcome to the blog. Ron Paul is popular because America is so powerful that it affects us, so what goes on there is of interest to us. If Ron had a good chance of being President, that would affect the whole world, not just America.
    As it is, it seems like the Democrats are trying to hand the Presidency to McCain. Very sporting of them, I must say!
    And as for links between America and Australia, it was because you lot wouldn’t accept any more British criminals that forced London to send them here! Maybe the French would have taken the place, if the Brits weren’t interested. I suppose that Sydney might have ben called Louiseville, in honour of the French kings. Ce la vie…

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  9. It annoys me that our media never seems to mention this fantastic candidate. I’m an Australian and I’m proud to say that I’ve been supporting this guy for a while now. I can’t wait to read his new book!

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