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In June last year the ALS hosted the first competition for best blogger. At the time it was “best solo libertarian blogger”, after after much vote-rigging it was eventually won by the self-described “classical liberal” Andrew Norton.

This year we’ve decided to broaden the category to “best libertarian blog” (to give catallaxy & thoughts on freedom a chance), and limited the options so that people are just choosing between 10 blogs.

The options include some of the big names of the Australian plogospohere (political blogosphere) — such as Catallaxy Files, Andrew Norton, Jennifer Marohasy and Thoughts on Freedom. It also includes a few blogs that deserve to be more popular with libertarians — Austrolabe and Liberty Whinge.

One important new option includes Helen Dale (aka skepticlawyer), who has broken away from Catallaxy & Thoughts and started her own blog at Skeptic Lawyer.

For the pro-war, pro-Republican libertarians there is Melbourne objectivist PRODOS, and McCain-apologist Jim Fryar at Real World Libertarian. And rounding out the options for this year is Double Think, by the mysterious Jono.

There are plenty of libertarian blogs that I didn’t include. Sorry to those authors, but I needed to keep the options managable. I tried to pick the most well-known and active to choose from. For the curious, some other libertarian blogs can be found at Fleeced, WackingdayThe Western Lines, Chris Berg, Australian Gun Owner & more if you follow the links.


The last ALS poll question was “who are you”. Well, apparently you are an Australian libertarian male under 40. Of 127 responses, 88% were male, 81% were Australian, 80% were self-declared libertarian and 74% were under 40 (with 41% being in my age bracket of 20-29). Welcome.

12 thoughts on “ALS poll: best libertarian blog

  1. Good idea John.

    At some point we should do a round up of the various pro-freedom policies (if there are any) by all the Australian political parties and nominate the libertarian reform most likely to get implemented in the next 10 years. 🙂

  2. At some point we should do a round up of the various pro-freedom policies (if there are any

    Errr.. thats a big *if*.

    If Liberals decide to make a 5c or 10c cut in fuel excise taxes part of their election platform, I’d nominate it. Likewise, if Liberals promise to scrap Kyoto, I’d nominate it.

  3. Jono – I think there is some merit in systematically recognising political parties for adopting a pro-freedom position even if it is on a single issue. It is something that the ALS should work to recognise and promote.

  4. Wes — the options are set, and it’s for Australians, not Americans.

    superdonk — this is only for libertarian blogs. But feel free to start a write-in campaign.

  5. For the pro-war, pro-Republican libertarians

    Nothing for the pro-monarchist libertarian? 🙂

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