Small step for Branson… a giant step for “Uncle A”

TEHRAN, Iran – State TV says Iran’s space agency aims to send an astronaut to space within 10 years.The report Thursday quotes Space Agency chief Reza Taghipoor saying the mission’s timing will be decided over the next year. It gives no other details.

Not for nothing, but couldn’t they just buy a ticket on Branson’s Virgin Galactic for 200G a ride and save the cash.

What are these people thinking?

And here’s me believing “uncle A” doesn’t suffer cognitive impairment.

3 thoughts on “Small step for Branson… a giant step for “Uncle A”

  1. It is probably just code for saying they intend doing more missile research. Which was also probably true of the Americans when Kennedy said they would put a man on the moon. Rockets have few useful civilian applications beyond space travel and even then the term “useful” needs to be heavily qualified.

  2. Iran’s military doctorine revolves around self-sufficiency/reliance, so its no big surporise they are working on their own space programs decades after the Russians and Americans. They won’t go the Gulf way and just throw hard cash at US/UK/Rusiia etc

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