A week is a long time…

They say a week is a long time in politics, and this past week has produced at least three examples:

  • NSW parliament has had their “great purge” (though oddly enough, Della Bosca returns from exile… I guess he was the only one desperate enough to take on the poisoned chalice of health); and

Talk about change.  I wonder what this week will bring?

8 thoughts on “A week is a long time…

  1. Hmmm… the McCain has come back down to 48… damn volatile markets! But considering Obama was on over 60% a week ago, that’s still an impressive gain.

  2. If a week is a long time in politics, consider this:

    The WA government is supposed to last four years.

    The next NSW election is not until March 2011 (after the next federal election).

    The US election is not for two months.

  3. Yes, the NSW election seems like an eternity away… the worst thing about Iemma “resigning” is that we can’t sack the son-of-a-bitch ourselves.

    I think LDP should start campaigning for recall elections… it would get some traction at the moment – at least in NSW. Maybe we should just start an LDP-sponsored petition demanding an early election?

  4. Perhaps, instead of hoping for a king-hit, we should work on one shire at a time? Let’s prove ourselves responsible stewards in little things, and so we will be worthy of big things, like de-regulating states.

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