America’s covert war in Iran

Many people have warned that America is edging closer to war with Iran. Of course, they are wrong. America is already at war with Iran. Sanctions are an act of war. Moreover, America is waging a covert war on Iran, according to a report by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh. Hersh says that the CIA is trying to destabilise the Iranian government:

ONE OF America’s foremost foreign affairs reporters, Seymour Hersh, has claimed America is running a covert operation into Iran, funded by $US400 million ($A414 million) siphoned from other programs, with authorisation from Democratic congressional leaders.

Such covert operations are a breach of national sovereignty. They also violate US law. But should we believe Hersh, or should we be sceptical? Scepticism is always healthy, but in this case the CIA’s historical role in carrying out political assassinations and military coups makes it almost certain that Hersh’s claims are accurate. Greg Sheridan, foreign policy analyst at The Australian, agrees.

8 thoughts on “America’s covert war in Iran

  1. Sukrit,

    I don’t know Hilary’s plan nor is the sabre rattling often made at Iran of any good. But what is known that Iran is negligent or complicit in allowing Shiite insurgents into Iraq.

    Do you agree if you invade a nation and overthrow a minority tyranny, you shouldn’t allow a majority sect or splineter members therof use violence to get it’s own way, nor allow outside backing of any insurgent group such as the Shiite insurgents (the majority group in this instance)?

    What would be wrong with limited warfare?

  2. Sukrit no offense, but did you take stupid pills this morning?

    Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh is the most recent in a long string of reputable allegations, so we can take the odds of its veracity as being extremely high.

    There isn’t one big call Hersh has ever been accurate on. The odds of Hersh getting something right would equate to the broken clock theory in that it’s right twice a day. However if Hersh was a broken clock he’d still get the fucking time wrong.

  3. The US ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, denied Hersh’s report, which did not name any sources. “I can tell you flatly that US forces are not operating across the Iraqi border into Iran, in the south or anywhere else,” he said on CNN.

    So according to Sukrit, Ryan Crocker is lying and Hersh is right. I’d put my money on Ryan.

  4. Seymour Hersh? Did someone actually offer Seymour Hersh as a reputable reference? Seymour Hersh is to journalism what Al Gore is to environmentalism: full of conspiracy theory; full of personal angst because of their belief in the dominance of an inherent evil in human nature; they have a personal psychology dominated by a knee-jerk negativity: ‘Chicken Little’ is the most famous example.

    Seymour Hersh is the favorite ‘source’ for people who believe in flying saucers, Nostradamus predictions, wild eschatological apocalypses, and the Zodiac. In short, the weak-thinking determinists.

  5. Seymour Hersh belongs in the Josef Goebbels school of journalism. Like John Pilger.

    I seriously hope the CIA succeeds in destabilising the government of Iran so that lunatic anti-semite president is thrown out and the nascent democracy movement gets a chance.

    I don’t give a flying fuck about national sovereignty. It’s not even remotely a libertarian principle. Libertarianism is about the liberty of individuals. I’ll support anything that promotes individual liberty in Iran, whether it’s by the CIA or the CWA.

  6. I’ve got to agree, Sy Hersh is a notorious idiot who continually predicts all kinds of conspiracies based on unnamed sources who’ve spoken about unnamed sources.

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  8. “I’ll support anything that promotes individual liberty in Iran, whether it’s by the CIA or the CWA.”

    Fair enough. But what about those taxpayers who disagree? Why should they help pay for your preferences?

    “so that lunatic anti-semite president is thrown out and the nascent democracy movement gets a chance.”

    That is a serious misunderstanding of the nature of Iranian politics and society. Firstly, Ahmadinejad is ranked about 18th in terms of power in Iran – it’s the Supreme Leader and Guardian Council who rule.

    Secondly, “destabilising” Iran and its government could be counter-productive, by justifying the ‘Great Satan’ line and rallying Iranians to support their government instead of demanding it change.

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