factory-made weapons

Not only do criminal have weapons in PNG but even worse they have “factory-made weapons”. Presumably weapons made outside of a factory are a lot less dangereous. And these are not just ordinary “factory-made weapons”. Apparently they’re the sort of weapons that are standard issue for PNG police. Well fancy that.


6 thoughts on “factory-made weapons

  1. There is a long history of home made weapons in PNG. I expect the dopey ABC journalist suffered from a shortage of imagination when trying to describe those that are not.

    The same lack of imagination extends to not considering why passing gun laws will make any difference to a situation in which a large proportion of the guns are stolen and the police and army are a major part of the problem. Maybe the guns themselves are expected to obey the law.

  2. I’ve read recently that there are 100s of millions of AK-47s floating about the world. How do they count ’em?
    Home-made weapons are plenty dangerous just ask US soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan.

  3. yes lots and lots of AK-47s are still floating around from the cold war. they are very cheap and provide a high rate of fire. thats why they are so popular amongst criminals

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