Call for help

Summer is upon us and it’s time for an ALS “make-over”. But for this I will need help. If you can help, please e-mail me on instead of leaving a comment.

I’d like to move the main ALS website off wordpress, so the first thing we need is somebody to host the website.

I’d also like to re-do the ALS website, so any web-designers & website managers would be appreciated.

The Australian political quiz needs a separate website and hosting… and it needs the coding to be updated, and somebody to be out there promoting it.

The ALS used to have a range of activities, but over the past few years it has become primarily a blog. It would be great to get into some other activities. We have just signed on as co-sponsors of the Heartland’s climate change conference, and perhaps there are other things that we could be pursuing. An internet censorship campaign? A response to the economic crisis? Re-start the regular gatherings? Producing more comprehensive articles? Releasing press releases on topical issues? Regular libertarian newsletter? Or anything else you can think of (and can do).

I’d also like to offer websites for other libertarians to post their thoughts. Perhaps we could arrange for ALSers to have which they could use however they liked.

And I’d like to include other blogs into the ALS family, so if you’re running a separate libertarian blog with a particular agenda then perhaps we can make your blog an “official” ALS blog.

Finally, we are always looking for more good writers to get involved in the ALS blog.

So if you can help with any of the above, or if you have any other ideas for how we can develop the ALS to provide a more prominent libertarian voice in Australia, then please get in touch.

5 thoughts on “Call for help

  1. I’m also happy to host on my shared server if you want.

    I’d also be interested in helping redo the quiz, but I’m not sure what’s wrong with it as is.

  2. The quiz is good, but the first question is a bit vague. A government could still be very obstructive to personal freedom at 10% of GDP. And considering the remaining economic questions, it’s unneccessary.

    As for expanding the activities of the ALS, why not start a think tank? Classical liberal ones certainly have a good track record in Aus, at least compared to the rest.

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