In defence of quitters

Something ALS readers might be interested in: my Sunday Age column this week contrasted politics with the private sector, “Go on, mate, get out there and make a difference“.

They say that laws are like sausages: it’s better not to see them being made. But do we really have to be forced to eat so many?

2 thoughts on “In defence of quitters

  1. Chris – some politicians do make a positive and lasting impact on their country – Margaret Thatcher for instance, or Ronald Reagan. that said, i agree with your assessment that the competitive pursuit of profit is a far more noble profession.

    politics is a grubby profession for grubby people.

  2. Good article Chris and the point is well made. With rare exceptions (and I agree with Pommy’s examples), politicians contribute far less to society than business owners.

    I would add though that I reckon senior public servants and ministerial advisers do as much damage to the economy as politicians. Politicians are the front guys but many of them are too dim, busy or preoccupied with petty politics to recognise the impact of the policies recommended to them, which they unthinkingly endorse.

    For a public servant, status is never increased by taking on less.

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