BB&T Chairman (John Allison) on Bailouts and Government Stimulus

John Allison is the CEO of BB&T financial group. 

After 60 bank and thrift acquisitions since 1989, the former eastern North Carolina farm bank has grown to become the nation’s 14th largest financial holding company. Assets have increased from about $275 million in 1971 when Allison’s career at BB&T began to $136.5 billion today.

Last Thursday the Ayn Rand Centre for Individual Rights hosted a lecture by Allison at the National Building Museum in Washington DC.

Allison outlines his short term and long term solutions to the US financial crisis. 

I particularly liked this:

“Allison made the comment that he believes the United States government moving in the direction of economic Fascism as opposed to Socialism.  Meaning that bureaucrats have realized that they don’t need to own the means of production in order to control them.”

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