The Mark Andreessen Interview on Charlie Rose

Mark Andreessen is a remarkable person. At a young age he helped develop the web browser, which in reality was the start of the Internet age (Al Gore couldn’t take credit for that as Mark is still alive and kicking).

Since Netscape he’s set up a number of other companies and he ‘s now starting up a venture capital fund with a former colleague to look for opportunities.

Recently he was on the Charlie Rose Show (America’s PBS ) talking about all sorts of things like the future of newspapers (he says none at all for the print version) and all the new gizmos coming out.

The interview is a little long, but it really worth watching.

6 thoughts on “The Mark Andreessen Interview on Charlie Rose

  1. Marc Andreesen is one of the craziest bastards on the planet. He once suggested any employees who have problems with their coworkers should settle the issue with guns for all he cares.

    Having said that he is a mensch.

  2. Yeh here is the quote:
    “I don’t want to run a company. I’m not good at managing people. You have a problem with the guy in the next cubicle? I don’t care. Shoot him or something.”
    Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape, in Rolling Stone, May ’97


  3. I just got around to watching it, great. I like the idea he seems to play with about just starting up a whole lot of new banks on line.

    The “Shoot him or something,” remark has little to do with what is a remarkable interview. There is the matter of context and possible light heartedness to be considered, and hell, I feel like that sometimes.

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