Henry Ergas on Rudd’s Social Democratic model

Henry Ergas on Rudd’s social democratic demolition model.

Sinclair Davidson at Catallaxy is linking to Henry’s piece on Rudd’s essay.

Well worth a read.

And The Onion does a panel show on whether kid’s are getting taught the basics of survival in the coming depression. I’m thinking that the ABC’s Q&A weekly show ought to be set up like that. In this week’s program they had a panelist singing the praises of the Luddites. I kid you not. That’s how far our ABC is taking us.

5 thoughts on “Henry Ergas on Rudd’s Social Democratic model

  1. Yea Mikel, it was that program. It was based on wide ranging topics primarily focused on idiocy and allowing stupid views to be peddled on television.

    Sabrina was a complete doofus and the only reason why I imagine they had her on was that is a good looking Muslim woman as well as an air headed lefty. That was a win win as far as the ABC is concerned.

    Jonathon Biggins was the one who spoke up in favor of the Luddities at 9.20.

    Our ABC is becoming more courageous by the hour in presenting different opinions 🙂

  2. Q&A is a nice idea but the panelists are weird at times and the format only engages the audience in that they can ask questions. It kind of misses the mark compared to blogs where the audience has much more power.

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