Sweet Booze Tax Dies in Senate

The alcopop tax has died in the senate. Good.

Taxing booze at a higher rate simple because it is sweeter was always a bit daft. However we tax drinks higher just for having alcohol in them so not that weird I suppose.

Even though they lost this battle (a bit of an own goal really) my feeling is that the “war on alcohol” is just getting started.

11 thoughts on “Sweet Booze Tax Dies in Senate

  1. The other day I asked at the bottle shop if the alcopops tax had made a difference to the sales.

    The reply was that, yes they had dropped dramatically, but they had more than made it up on spirit sales.

    Really says it all.

  2. I say the ALS and LDP have our on “war”.

    On Rudd’s stupidity.

    Has he stopped collecting his illegal, unconcstitutional tax? Has he stopped making illegal, unconstitutional edicts from ACMA?

    He has got to go. I never felt strongly about him but he is a dud, mabe worse than Whitlam.

    Bryce should sack him immediately for his past unconstitutional dealings.

  3. “Even though they lost this battle (a bit of an own goal really) my feeling is that the “war on alcohol” is just getting started.”

    Unfortunately I feel you are correct. The blouse wearing, hatchet carrying Rudd was rather proud to bolster his temperance union cred by boasting how the ALP were defenders of morality.

    The Senator representing the Health Ministry said she was concerned about “teenagers”, not underage drinkers.

    So she wants to tell adults what to do. The same adults that are eligible for military service. Some of our vets are very young and do let their hair down on ANZAC day.

    Note she said she was concerned about females – essentially she is sexist and thinks that females shouldn’t drink.

    The ALP, defenders of women’s rights!

  4. Alcopops are low alcohol (except for Smirnoff Ice Black, which is stronger than beer).

    Alcopop taxes mean the kiddies get an older friend to buy a bottle of vodka, and then mix it with soft drink to their own desired strength (usually much stronger than alcopops).

    Therefore the alcopop tax does NOT prevent youth binge drinking. That is a ruse. Its real purpose is revenue raising.

    This tax deserved to die. I’m celebrating by spiking my coke zero with vodka.

  5. Senator Fielding- first recipient of the Saint George award for lessening taxes and rules? He’s one candidate, at least!

  6. Are they still horse-trading? Or has the Bill been killed in the Senate? (Et tu, Stephane?)

  7. The trouble with the argument that this alcopop tax just increases the sales of hard spirits is that down the track it will be all the excuse they need to hike the tax on all alcoholic drinks.

    I reckon this labor government would go for prohibition if the tax revenues weren’t so enticing.

    Fielding may have been against this, but he’s hardly a libertarian hero – religious conservative that he is.

  8. So fielding has effectively killed the bill, even if he didn’t intend to. Perhaps we could give him a half-hero award, or an accidental-dragon-slayer medal, or something.

  9. I like the accidental dragon slayer analogy, except the dragon hasn’t been slain – it can come back (though now that it is presently dead, I have to wonder about the constitutional issues around the tax being collected)

    In truth, Fielding was just trying to play hardball – he had to show he wasn’t all talk, and was willing to torpedo the legislation… he no doubt wants ALP to come back with it again, and he’ll get something he wants in return.

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