Skepticlawyer is writing a novel

Skepticlawyer is writing a novel. Apparently it is to have some libertarian overtones. She wants some input. Details here:-

Given her previous literary success it is likely that her finished product will have little trouble attracting publicity. Presumably she will use the vast royalties that she receives from the novel to buy us all a beer.

2 thoughts on “Skepticlawyer is writing a novel

  1. According to Dean Koontz, who has written lots of horror novels, all fictional works should open with an action scene, so that the casual reader is drawn into the book. Or you can open with a question. “Who is John Galt?” is at the start of Atlas Shrugged, and by the time you know who he is, you have other questions you want answered, and you have to buy the book so you can read it and find the answers.
    Perhaps your hero/heroin could be someone who accepts the concensus view (all drugs are bad- except for the legal ones like alcohoic drinks), but then changes one’s mind by experiences that are opinion-altering.
    Or it could be a future dystopia, where fast-foods are banned, and the hero helps foodies to get their illegal cravings satisfied by starting feed-easies, and becomes a rich criminal.
    I’m writing a novel where an undercover cop starts to uncover a syndicate that helps drug-dealers get out of jail with an insurance scheme (Underdogs United), and he finds himself agreeing with their idea victimless actions should not be crimes, so he becomes the new head of the gang at the end of the novel.
    Good luck!

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