Peak Interweb?

We have scaremongers warning against peak oil, peak coal, and even peak water – but this is a new one:

Internet users face regular “brownouts” that will freeze their computers as capacity runs out in cyberspace, according to research to be published later this year.

All that demand, and nobody willing to profit from it?  However, the article does make an interesting point:

Yet sites such as YouTube, the video-sharing service launched in 2005, which has exploded in popularity, can throw the most ambitious plans into disarray.

The amount of traffic generated each month by YouTube is now equivalent to the amount of traffic generated across the entire internet in all of 2000.

That’s not actually a problem – if particular sites/protocols/platforms/content use a disproportionate number of resources, the market will find a way to cost them in… net neutrality laws notwithstanding.  As usual, the greatest threat is from misguided legislation.

3 thoughts on “Peak Interweb?

  1. This sounds like bollocks to me. had an article a few weeks ago claiming the Internet would be ‘full’ by 2012, and that authorities would be removing surplus web pages to leave some room. They were going to start by ‘looking at the 1,785,873 pages dedicated to David Hasselhoff’.

    …it was dated April 1, 2009

    A couple of years before that there was a very brief concern that the maximum number of available web sites (not pages) was 4,294,967,296, and would be reached soon.

    That number comes from the unique IP addresses needed to identify each web server or PC connected to the internet, which are in the format (i.e. 256^4 = 4.3 billion).

    But they found a way around that and they will do so with bandwidth issues too.

  2. Of course it’s bollocks… that’s what makes it so funny (in a frustrating pull-out-you-hair-at-the-stupidity kind of way).

    LOL @ the idea of “surplus web pages” – would love to find that article.

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