Political Poetry

This is the freedom ride
We will not go and hide
We have just come over here
To keep the public occupied
We are going to ride
Around the Adelaide Hills
We are hardworking people
Who pay the bills

So say the bikies in Victoria today, who may yet morph into a fully fledged political movement. In NSW this won’t stop the police from being able to outlaw them if they can find a judge to agree, because under the new laws in NSW even political parties can apparently be outlawed without any right of appeal (or even any right to be informed of such a decision). In fact as a member of a political party I could in fact be forced to avoid all contact with other members of that party at a moments notice if a judge has secretly agreed to outlaw the party in question. NSW may not be a police state but the levers have been put in place.

For a more complete account of the new laws check out “An Australian Gun Owners blog“.

4 thoughts on “Political Poetry

  1. Another step back to the 50’s. Does anyone know if the old consorting laws were abolished or have just been conveniently ignored? From memory (at least in Victoria) there were similar laws in use until the late 60’s or early 70’s but I think they only applied to individuals who had been convicted of a crime, not organisations. If these laws are still on the books it’s not a huge step for Victoria to do the same as NSW.
    Can anyone apply to the Supreme Court to have an organisation added to the list, if so may I suggest the ALP for economic treason?

  2. I can’t believe how little opposition this has had in Australia.
    We might think we’re a free society but we can’t even play R rated video games.

    I had a thought the other day on that popular phrase – Australia is the “lucky” country.
    Personally I would find this insulting. But perhaps people are happy with this title because Australian’s have no idea what brings them their relative prosperity.
    That’s no way to stay lucky.

  3. If you like political cartoons, then go to Libertarian International! Their top two items are political poems! And both are very good, and relevant!

  4. To get to Libertarian International, goto the Samizdata blog on the list of libertarian blogs on the right-hand side, and then look at their list of blogs!

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