ALS dinner, drinks & budget response

Watching the government spending my money has made me hungry. And thirsty. And in need of libertarian company with whom to lament our descent into neo-socialism.

So a few hardy souls will be heading to Strawberry Hills Hotel in Sydney this Friday (15/5) for a meal, followed by a few (too many) drinks. We’ll probably get there around 7pm. You should come.

14 thoughts on “ALS dinner, drinks & budget response

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  2. Yeah, I saw that headline Michael, and thought “WTF?! That’s his response?”

    Turnbull’s a lightweight – he’s gotta go if the Libs are to stand any chance.

  3. Look in some ways the Libs are a reprehensible bunch. But Turnbull isn’t that bad, Fleeced. I think he does understand economics.

  4. Turnbull is trying (in vain perhaps) to appeal to the latte left. Remember his electorate is the wealthiest in Australia. His experience with “the left” is rich, academic, “greeny” type lefties. His perception of marginal voters is probably skewed as a result of his own electorate.

  5. Rudd is cutting subsidies and Turnbull says he should have kept the subsidies and introduced a tax. What gives?

    The Liberals (and the ALP for that matter) should stop trying to force us onto private health care and instead focus on making Medicare a more user pays system. Like HECS.

  6. I don’t think Turnbull does these things merely to appeal to the latte left – I think he does it because he’s a member of it. I still don’t know what so many libertarians see in the guy.

  7. OK, I’m back. Hill End is a nice place, but they seem to have missed out on all that global warming people talk about, its bloody cold down there. Luckily I found a couple of small areas where a mobile phone has intermittent reception.

    Terje @ 9 has hit the nail on the head, you don’t have to hold your nose quite as tightly around Turnbull as around Rudd.

    I have to question whether the rebate for private health insurance is a subsidy however, it seems reasonable to me to give a full refund for the expense of insuring privately, regardless of wealth or status as it removes the insured from the public system.

  8. Yes, he’s certainly better than Rudd – but the love he received from libertarians around here (and still does to some extent) was more than that. They seemed to have this mistaken illusion that he was “one of us”

  9. Fleeced; Are you sure that you are not misinterpreting the criticism of Howard prior to the election as support for Rudd? We were rather scathing but I don’t remember any degree of support for Rudd.

    Personally I felt that Rudd was the only thing I liked about the Liberals.

  10. Terje, I don’t remember specific people – but prior to the election, it was certainly common.

    Jim, I never said anything about support for Rudd, my comments were about support for Turnbull. Indeed, the LDP made the explicit act of preferencing Turnbull as a sitting member – despite their general policy of opposing sitting members.

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