HIV: disease of the rich?

HIV is something that mostly effects poor folk in Africa. Or at least thats what we generally tend to think. However the following video suggests that sometimes being richer correlates with higher risk. Perhaps simplistic assumptions don’t work.

4 thoughts on “HIV: disease of the rich?

  1. I saw him give a talk in Canberra on a subject that escapes me right now… I do remember lots of animated bubbles and pointing and jumping around the stage though. Seemed all a bit pointless to me (like this presentation) but the bureaucrats in the crowd loved it – people like Rosling empower them to ‘do something’. Statistics at such high levels like these are basically meaningless to me.

  2. Bureaucrats are generally already empowered to do something. Roselings presentations seem to be designed to enlighten rather than embolden. I love his animated bubble charts. They offer rapid insight in ways that static presentations don’t.

  3. I love his animated bubble charts too – his previous one on global wealth distributions was fantastic.

    But this one didn’t really say much important – I found it rather boring.

    And in answer to your question as to whether it’s a disease of the rich, it would seem that wealthy people with AIDS can simply live longer.

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