5 thoughts on “Simpsons do Ayn Rand

  1. In the very early days of The Simpsons there was also an episode that featured the ‘Ayn Rand Day Care Centre’ or something like that. My favourite was the alphabet posters on the wall, which began with ‘A is A’.

  2. The Fountainhead is my favourite of the two Rand novels I’ve read. Because creativity and independence are major elements of Roark’s character and I personally hold these character traits in very high regard.

    The Simpson’s have been surprisingly easy going with this, considering.

    I remember the original Ayn Rand reference too and also liked the A=A sign, but I never really understood the overall point or the joke of the segment. Ayn Rand advocated the Montessori system of education but I don’t see what that had to do with denying babies pacifiers.

    Usually people mis-represent Objectivism which is pretty low really.

  3. It was just a gag Tim. The daycare centre treated children like adults, which is clearly a mistake. A lot of Objectivists misrepresent Rand, and a lot of people use her work as a philosophical spittoon.

    A lot of weird stuff happens in the three part “Halloween” or “storytelling” episodes.

    Anyway, the Simpsons have picked on virtually all political philosophies, even though you might characterise them from centre left (Brookings Inst.) and mildly libertarian (CATO Inst.).

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