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I’ve just updated the mainpage, which provides an RSS feed for Australian libertarian blogs. At the top are the two “god-father” libertarian blogs (Catallaxy Files & ALS blog: Thoughts on Freedom), but I’ve also tried to add every other libertarian blog that I could find with an RSS feed.

As Fleeced noticed recently, there is the new Extreme Capitalists blog with Dan Farmilo & John Tate.

Some other recent additions include Julie Novak, Louise Staley, Catholicism and Liberty, MothyPressDanny Haynes, and The Western Lines.

I’ve also re-added some blogs that had gone quiet, but have had some action recently, including the Australian Gun Owners Blog and anti-me crusader PRODOS.

Also on the list is the IPA Review, Electronic Frontiers, Jarrah Job, Pimpin’ for Freedom, WChurch, Real World Libertarian, Libertarians against war, Inside the mind of Tim, Andrew Norton, Jennifer Marohasy, Chris Berg, Institutional Economics, Skeptic Lawyer, Austrolabe and Henry Thornton.

If you know of any other Australian libertarian blogs that should be included, please let me know.

And please feel free to make a comment about the oz-lib blogosphere. My one suggestion for oz-lib bloggers is that part-time bloggers should consider combining with other like-minded people to create a more dynamic blog with more readers.

3 thoughts on “Libertarian blog feed

  1. Thanks for keeping us all linked together. Prodos was a bit overdue, I’m glad it’s fixed.

    [JOHN: Prodos was on the original list of RSS feeds, but then he stopped posting so I took down the feed. Now that he’s posting again, he’s back. I also looked for an RSS feed on Gerry Jackson’s site, but couldn’t find one.]

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