12 thoughts on “Scary news!

  1. Don’t tell, Don’t ask! If someone tells this to the Big O, then he’ll set up another department to deal with it, the Dearly-departed Department! Anything can be used to increase the scope and power of governments! They’ll simply add this to Global warming.

  2. Well obviously, the pragmatic position to take on this is to support a ghost appeasement tax. People just won’t accept this “do nothing” approach supported by many so-called libertarians, in the face of what many perceive to be a real issue!

  3. I think this shows that there strong public support for a ghost tax. The people want it, the government wants and all we need is the political will to make this possible.

    (That’s what i would expect as a likely comment on the ABC).

  4. It is common sense guys. Ghosts are cold. When ever you come into contact with them you feel a chill. There have been billions of humans and therefore are billions of ghosts. These ghosts haunt us and their chill brings down the ambient temperature thus defeating global warming and winning ANOTHER one for Team America!

  5. This would be the same America where 55% of the population believes the Constitution declares America a Christian nation, and 66% of the population believes they share less than half their genes with monkeys.

  6. I got 50% of my genes from my mother and 50% of my genes from my father so that doesn’t leave any room for monkey genes. Although I suspect there was some monkey business involved. 😉

  7. I am not surprised at all that heaps of people believe in the super natural and ghosts etc.

    1. 90%+ of people are laymen, TV’s and microwaves are magical to them, and thats how their understanding of the world works – that anything is possible.

    2. Western people get the necessities of life so easily, by merely being obediant at a job, that they crave alternative realities that are more interesting. The number of supernatural shows on TV is incredible. The ghost whispher, super natural, medium, harry potter, twilight etc. Even most sci-fi these days has huge elements of super natural because they like the idea that ANYTHING is impossible rather than sticking to science.

    3. People are idiots. They will believe what you tell them for a certain amount of time. That amount of time has come and gone for global warming. At every survey the numbers are dropping and dropping, they won’t believe until they personally experience warmer summers and warmer winters.

  8. Kevin, I’ve tried and tried, but the news that the northern hemisphere has an early start to winter still turns up on the news! What is the best way to wish this item of news away? Do I chant ‘It’s not real!’ 666 times, or thirteen times counterclockwise?

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