Attitudes toward Global Warming

Crikey attempts to quantify the breakdown of public opinion on global warming:-

The executive summary:-

* The trend is moving towards the view that concerns are exaggerated.
* 30% of Australians think concerns about global warming are exaggerated.
* 36% of country folk think concerns about global warming are exaggerated.
* 37% of men think concerns about global warming are exaggerated.
* 46% of Coalition voters think concerns about global warming are exaggerated.
* If you want to wedge the Coalition this appears to be an excellant issue to do it on. It splits the party down the middle.

16 thoughts on “Attitudes toward Global Warming

  1. There is also the working poor, and lower middle class social conservative Labor voters who would be adversely affected by such a regressive tax scheme. These people are sceptical of climate change and fear its imposition. They would prefer a Labor government, especially because they feel the Liberals are “for the rich” but if they see the ALP government altering their lives to such a degree they may switch their vote.

    Even these people have had their wages grow significantly over the last 13 years under Howard and now Rudd.

  2. I’m now hearing anti ETS, anti global warming comments from people who I never imagined gave a shit. It’s only in the last 6-9 months though.

    On that statistically unsound basis I believe the shift is on. Those percentages will be heaps bigger in another six months and an ETS election would be very unpredictable.

    My guess is Labor knows that quite well and won’t go for it. Abbott knows it too but Turnbull has dug himself into a hole over leadership and can’t get out.

  3. A while back I would ignore the science and talk about the economics of mitigation. Mitigation simply wasn’t worth it.

    However I believe we are being deceived on the science in terms of exaggerations.

    This is what I am talking about:

    Until we can get a bit of honesty out of the Federal ALP Ministry, debating the economics of such a scheme should be off the table.

    This doesn’t even consider the potential problems of those hacked emails.

  4. If methane and carbon emissions are not important or should be encouraged then support:

    a) The Copenhagen conference – because it will be a chance for the Danes (with the highest meat consumption (therefore methane) per capita on earth) to inluence/pass on their idiot ideas about diet in person to other/poorer nations.

    b) The Australian Greens- as they are doing more than other parties to increase Australia’s population thru social/refugee policy and are therefore doing more to increase carbon emissions in the highest per capita emissions area than any other group on Earth.

    In a sense, climate alarmist scientists are doing more to support the military-industrial complex thru the propogation of science than most, so dig their emails at your leisure.

  5. I think it is ironic that we have having the climate change conference in Copenhagen. Denmark has the highest income tax out of developed countries and all the developed countries will be getting together there to learn how to follow their lead and tax their citizens more.

  6. Parkos – refugees are a tiny fraction of our annual immigration intake. Your cluching at straws with point (b).

  7. Between paternity/maternity payments etc and refugees (and other migration (of which there would be a lot more if Hanson-Young got her way, she wants a big fat Adelaide where big ladies are in charge)), Greens are adding more kindling to the most intense carbon flames in the world, quite probably more than the other parties, albeit by a fraction, Terje. This might put them in front by a head. Particularly so, if an anti-nuclear stance allowed for further emissions and Australia to be invaded before it floods.

  8. People please forgive me. I am Parkos day nurse at a large city psyche ward. Parkos is not supposed to be online however he managed to steal the use of a nursing staff computer and get on line.

    We sincerely hope this won’t happen again.

  9. If you must know, Nurse Hill..
    I am using fellow patient Godwin Grech’s iPhone from ward E23 that was gifted to him by Kennett and other liberal party leaders from Beyond Blue, so he could continue his great works of email.

  10. No way I can support the liberals until Turnball changes his tune on the ETS. Very dissapointed by Turnball but I should have known better.

    BTW, nice link on Wong’s bullshit-artistry Mark.

  11. I can’t believe the “Hopenhagen” propaganda on ABC & SBS. No mention of the hacked emails yet. This is a truly stomach turning moment in the degenerate, Orwellian controlled media. Nazi Germany here we come.

  12. Damian, they did mention the emails on the ABC. It was on Lateline, and Tim Flannery talked about the claims, and climate change, for quite a while. So it is getting an airing. And you can read more of them in ‘The Australian’- it has a page devoted to the subject.

  13. Tim R., it looks like Turnbull has had his day. Who do you hope will win, and what should be the position on the ETS?

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