Our all time top ten

I thought that some of you might enjoy the nostagia of this listing of our all time top ten ALS articles based on the number of times they have been read. Although I certainly don’t think they are the ten best articles we have ever written and I’d be happy to hear of nominations for such an alternate list.

I have edited the raw listing a little to remove references to non-article pages. Also there are actually 11 references in the table because I figured that the two about Fitna were essentially related discussions. Obviously older articles have an advantage in getting into the listing simply because they have been exposed for longer. One might suspect this is what got the “Husky puppise” article into the list, however this article also features in the daily top ten on a quite regular basis. It seems those puppies remain popular.

In case you’re wondering we get about 15000 unique viewers per month. Which is a little down on our past performance.  

Title Views  
The Open Society condensed, Chapter 11 16,436
Husky puppies 9,793
The New Seven Deadly Sins 8,411
Art Or Child P*rn? 6,152
Fitna The Movie Is Out 5,024
The Bank Notes Act of 1910 4,854
Little Children are Sacred 3,385
Fitna popularity, thanks to Pommy 3,213
Peter Spencer. 3,154
Nixon ends gold convertability 2,822
Appalachian School of Law 2,745

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  1. The “Husky puppies” one does so well with search engines, that I actually registered the domain huskypuppies.com.au for “domain monetisation” purposes… haven’t got around to developing any content for it yet, though.

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