• Did all of that volcanic ash really pose a threat, or was it exaggerated? I have no idea… though Andrew Bolt has more
  • South Park does Mohammed… kinda, sorta. Synopsis: In their 200th episode spectacular, the people of South Park face a class-action lawsuit from celebrities previously mocked by the town. They agree to drop the suit if the people of South Park can arrange a meeting with Mohammed who, for some reason, appears to be immune from criticism
  • Bill Clinton suggests present “antigovernment tone” is similar to that of before the Oklahoma city bombing… Meanwhile, Time columnist Joe Klein suggests that statements by Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, “rub right up close to being seditious
  • Firefighters to citizen: Nice business you got there… shame if something happened to it

2 thoughts on “Threats

  1. Is honest Bill making an informed prediction? He shouldn’t be so bold or he might give the whole game away. And of course silly, using the word ‘regime’ is perfect justification for an ass kicking from the feds. That’s just how good normal non-sociopath human beings think.

    I sure hope they haven’t worked out that framing your political opponents with staged violence is an incredibly effective way of getting the upper hand with mass public opinion no matter how evil and despicable you actually are.

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