Federal Budget Live Commentary On Menzies House

If you will allow me to engage in a little bit of shameless self-promotion for Menzies House, we’re going to be doing a live-chat covering the Federal Budget speech with a”panel (John Humphreys, Dr. Joseph Clark, Sen. Bernardi, ALSF President Alex Butterworth & myself) providing commentary in the chat interface, but everyone can submit comments or questions. You’ll also be able to watch the video feed direct from the Menzies House site.

I would strongly encourage everyone planning to watch the budget to check it out! Click here for more information.

4 thoughts on “Federal Budget Live Commentary On Menzies House

  1. The Budget speech is extremely boring viewing… think I’ll wait for the summary based on the actual documents, rather than listen to Swan.

    So – do we have any predictions of what we expect in the budget? Health will feature prominently – anything else? Something for “working families,” no doubt?

    BTW, I just read the following comment over at The Punch:

    Bec says: 06:48am | 11/05/10

    I just want a viable socially progressive, economically moderate alternative to vote for. 😦 Stuff it all, I’m writing erotic parliamentary slash fanfiction on my ballot paper this year.

    I know it was a joke – but the mere concept of “erotic parliamentary slash fanfiction” was so emotionally disturbing, that I just had to share the pain. Sorry.

  2. I don’t understand how the 500/1000 standard deduction is going to work. Deductions are like 1/30th of all the BS you have to wade through when doing your etax return. Do they really expect this to get more people doing it on etax?

    Also this is an open invitation to cheat this year. The government are practically saying that they expect $1000 of deductions for the typical worker.

    I think the government should be banned from having a deficit at all, just like they should be banned from having any unfunded liabilities.

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