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Happy Birthday Jessica! Quite an achievement, so naturally, some whiners get the daggers out. Harry Clarke has a better take.

Famous Australian chef, Neil Perry, found himself in hot water for sacking a pregnant employee for allegedly being rude to a customer (amongst “other issues”.) The labour tribunal declared it “bizarre and unacceptable,” with Fair Work Australia Deputy Justice Peter Sams deciding it was, “nothing short of appalling and manifestly unfair.” What’s manifestly unfair, is that bureaucrats are entitled to tell people how to run their business – even forcing them to give 12 weeks pay ($9230.76) to a sacked employee deemed unacceptable by the owner.

Facebook has been in the news lately, for all the wrong reasons. They often don’t behave in a friendly manner, but surely people know the company wasn’t just providing a community service? Maybe not – over at Larvatus Prodeo, Mark B thinks it’s a “social utility” and concludes that “it should either be heavily regulated, or a public entity should occupy its position.”

Meanwhile, our police our trying to protect us from this insidious threat (Facebook, that is, not Larvatus Prodeo) by first advising young people to remove photos and profile information from Facebook, and more recently by teaching “young league players about the importance of online security.” They did the latter by pretending to be hot chics and befriending the young men… nothing creepy about that – your tax dollars at work!

In world affairs, outgoing UK treasury chief leaves a note for the new guy: ‘Dear Chief Secretary, I’m afraid to tell you there’s no money left.’ He says it was intended as a private joke – but it might have been funnier if it wasn’t true.

John Stossel smacks down Paul Krugman for his weak dismissal of rising US debt. Speaking of Stossel, his new blog is often worth reading (and adding to your feed.) His new weekly show on Fox Business is also worth a look (many available on youtube)

“I do not think that word means what you think it means”: Pelosi thinks Obamacare is an entrepreneurial bill, because it lets people quit their jobs and retain health care.

In other news, the US apologises to China over its human rights record. Wait… what?! *facepalm*

And finally, Tim Blair alerts us to the most American ad ever made:

14 thoughts on “Web News Roundup

  1. Yeah – I figured that one was reported enough already 🙂

    Seriously, he needs to learn to answer properly. People are sick of Rudd’s spin, so they need someone to give clear answers – not mumbling self doubts, no evasiveness, and certainly no dumbass comments about only believing his scripted comments.

  2. Yes even phoney Tony can make dumbass comments. It was an honest comment but still dumbass.

  3. Even though I cordially dislike Abbott, I don’t mind his recent remarks. As Terje says it’s only what any person with two brain cells to rub together already knew was true.

    I managed to keep from laughing in that Alabama ad right up until he randomly pulled a firearm out.

  4. Have to agree with Bolt on this one – who does Henry think he is to make such pronouncements?

    ABORIGINES should have access to the money raised by the proposed tax on resource industry super profits, the head of Treasury, Ken Henry, has said.

    The Libs need to make his dismissal their first order of business if they get elected.

  5. “The Libs need to make his dismissal their first order of business if they get elected.”

    I reckon they should campaign on it.

    Did you hear Costello’s interview? It was really very good. They asked him about Henry and he said he thought Ken was an excellent tax specialist! He didn’t think was that good at straight economics and tended to avoid him for that sort of thing.

    What a slap in the face.

  6. Fleeced – thanks for the link. Costello communicates the issues very nicely in that interview. However it was a pretty friendly interview so it was going to be somewhat easier to look good than the interviews he would have faced as a political contender.

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