Those Chinese f**kers are trying to rat-f**k us.

Perhaps Kevin Rudd is trying to prove to us that he isn’t a communist stooge. I wonder what the reaction would have been if John Howard had said such a thing. I know it is not highly relevant to the policy debate that we ought to be focused on but none the less I do find it an amusing distraction.

13 thoughts on “Those Chinese f**kers are trying to rat-f**k us.

  1. These were private comments, not meant to be publicized. Even I have a bit of a temper, and might let a d*rn or T*xes, or even a ‘T*x it!!!’ loose, if provoked.
    I wonder, though, if this is the moment when Rudd realised that the ETS was not going to go through, and that he might lose votes over it/

  2. The reports I’ve heard suggest that it wasn’t a private conversation but a statement to a group of journalists.

    Personally I don’t overly care what language politicians use so long as they don’t do it within ear shot of my mother and so long as the substance of what they say makes sense.

  3. My guess is that if John Howard had said this it would have been used by many in the media as evidence of a racist disposition.

  4. There is no doubt that Howard – or any conservative – would be labeled a racist for making such a statement.

    I don’t much care about language used either – though it’s hardly diplomatic 🙂

    The implosion of Rudd has been fun to watch.

  5. I’m intrigued at what Rudd meant by the term rat-f**k. Apart from conjugating rodents, I’m struggling to figure it out.

    He’s got a mousy little face and twitchy nose, so perhaps he and Therese invented it.

  6. I assume that rat-f**k is a brain fart. It is just the f word with intensity.

    Over at the LP blog the vibe seems to be that they all hate Rudd but will vote for him anyway. If your loyal followers confess that they hate you then you really are unpopular. I think he is toast unless Abbott really screws up.

  7. Does this mean the chinkos won’t love us anymore? Oh, well, they didn’t like it when we couldn’t speak Chinkonesian, and they didn’t like it when we COULD! Why don’t they learna da Inglishsh like evreewon elses?

  8. Any person who represents a country ought to be polite and exercise self-control, words uttered are not personal .
    Time and again, PM Rudd distinguished himself with vulgar outburst, such behaviour proves that he cannot control himself, how could he control the state of affairs of the
    country. Only a decent, mature and self-confident person should be the PM of this great nation.
    Labor would be well advised to oust him and have a new leader representing their true value and ambitions.

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