Liberals dump John Humphreys

Founder of the Liberal Democrats (LDP) and prominant libertarian identity John Humphreys has been dumped as the Liberal National Party (LNP) candidate for Griffith. So much for love and respect. John has a brief statement on his blog. The LNP currently have no candidate for the seat. It seems no candidate is better than John Humphreys.

23 thoughts on “Liberals dump John Humphreys

  1. As a conservative, I’ve disagreed with some of John’s positions – but why the f**k have they dumped him without a replacement? The whole process (or lack thereof) looks like a joke. Granted, some other names have been floating around – but that’s hearsay and makes the party look unorganised.

    You can disagree with John on the issues and still recognise that he has been treated poorly. The big problem is the process.

  2. but why the f**k have they dumped him without a replacement?

    Because Rudd might actually lose now, which means they need to find a party faithful person to run in this seat in the event that they are actually elected.

  3. In the context of Liberals dumping candidates, what is the quality of their new candidates and the policies they run on?



    Let’s put an end to the bickering.

    See here:

    Economic Roundup Winter 2006
    Close Window
    A brief history of Australia’s tax system

    Sam Reinhardt and Lee Steel

    (Chart 1)

    In 1954, the total Government take was 17.5% of GDP or so. Now it is practically double. We already had enshrined social equity programmes and a bigger military offsetting subsidised tertiary education. There is no reason why it cannot be 15% considering we know more about tax incidences and burdens now than in 1901.

    A 15% tax to GDP ratio can be considered social democratic. 10% is conservativism. 5% is libertarian.

    There’s a chance to cut Government in half or MORE with through efficiency, good tax policy and good Governance.

    What are YOU going to do about it?

  4. Tisk Tisk, John should have known better than to get into bet with those wankers!

    BTW I watched his talk at the festival of dangerous ideas on scrapping the old age pension (one of the reasons given for his ditching), it was BRILLIANT!

    John…. if your’re watching…. run for the LDP!

  5. If he were to try and avoid getting in bed with wankers I’m not sure the LDP is the place! Every party has a few of those.

  6. Hopefully not yours, though, Terje.

    But your family appears fertile enough so I’d assume not!

  7. I’ll stump up what I can to draft Jason Soon to run against the oppresively stupid Tanya Pilbersek in the seat of Sydney.

    Her appearance on Q&A last night was enough to justify a campaign based on her colossally sub par intelligence.

    Who is with me?

  8. All the politicians display sub par intelligence during election campaigns. It’s called staying on message.

  9. SMH:

    “The LNP was forced to find a replacement candidate for Griffith after Graham Humphreys, who had been preselected, stood aside last week. Media reports at the time claimed he was dumped amid speculation among the conservatives that Mr Rudd would not re-contest the seat.”

  10. Who knew john’s real name was Graham? Well, Well, Well!
    And ‘dumped’ sounds so depressing! Why don’t we just say that (G/J) Humphreys was released from all his contractual obligations, and is free to pursue a new career!? Smiley faces all around!

  11. This is why libertarians should have nothing to do with LNP. The instant there is even the most remote possibility of any action in a seat they will be just be kicked out.

  12. Mundi you forget that libertarians in the LNP also have the option of shutting their mouths and compromising beyond all belief.

    Apparently there are currently some classically liberal Senators- according to Liberal friends- but I guess they are doing just that.

  13. Well dry your tears all of you. Since it is always a joyous thing when somebody advocating a carbon tax is dumped from anything. Especially if that person is a bigot and refuses to learn the material.

  14. LOL

    John doesn’t actually advocate it. It’s the least worst scheme. He’d only want it if mitigation passes a CBA – which it hasn’t…

    Hi Graeme!

    Haven’t you been banned here for your misinformed, unintelligible rants where you questionably profess to having an education in economics?

  15. From memory his article proposed a revenue neutral carbon tax instead of an ETS. Revenue neutral entails cutting other taxes.

  16. Get it together Taya. Or Tarshzay or whoever you are calling yourself. Graham Humphreys was not running on the basis that he was being made dictator for life with the ability to nuance such a thing. He was grandstanding, and selling us out on a strategic matter. His fall from proximity to greater influence must not be lamented.

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