Election mode in the LDP

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is in election mode. The executive will meet shortly and is expected to announce its candidates soon after. We still have some seats available so those who have not committed, and want to have a go should grab the chance to be on the team.

Around three weeks ago Gillard was put in power by the unions and claimed that she would be the fixer and sort out the problems the government had caused which she blamed on Rudd, even though she had clearly been involved in every decision the government had made. Now she has panicked and decided that rather than try to fix the mess she and Rudd have left the nation in her best option is to go to the polls now before her reputation starts to really stink with voters.

She has had a fairly minimal media honeymoon largely owing to her inability to do anything right since getting the top job. 

Her one success if it could be called that was when she made a sweetheart deal with three major mining companies on tax to the detriment of all of the others. In order to do this she was forced to reduce the rate they will pay and restrict it to coal and iron ore. Even the press was not impressed with the obviously falsified figures presented after the deal was made, and said so. It is difficult to tell why these companies agreed to ‘deal’ on having an additional tax placed on their profits, but it can be safely assumed that making it more difficult for competitors to raise investment capital would be high on their agendas.

Other mining companies now face an uncertain future, given that once the resource rent tax is in place she can extend it at will, increase the rate at will, include other minerals at will, and extend it to other industries at will. These three companies have been naïve at best and have sold out the mining industry, not saved it. Their shareholders should be calling extraordinary meetings and sacking their boards. The major coal and iron ore mining states of Queensland and Western Australia will bear the brunt of this in order to support the others.

Since then she has failed at a new attempt at a Howard style Pacific solution, to deal with the people smuggler problem, and caused a diplomatic row by announcing she was building a refugee detention centre in East Timor without consulting their government, preferring to do a quick ‘phone a friend’ to their President. Their government has voted the proposal down.

The last straw for her was the details of Rudd’s political knifing being leaked to the media. She has to have the election now, while she is only on the nose, instead of waiting until she is putrefying. She is managing to make Abbott look good despite his efforts to thwart her in this.

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  1. I’m with Terje. Either way though, a Liberal or Labor win is for big government nanny statism.

  2. I think if the LNP were a bit more organized and professional the coalition might be in with a chance, but they’re not. Still, I don’t think their odds of winning are as far off as the betting markets seem to be suggesting (about 4 to 1).

  3. I agree with Mitch about the betting markets being off.

    I expect to see the Greens get a Senator up in every state. So they’ll go from 5 Senators to about 9. The left is rather pissed off at Gillard.

    If we’re lucky the Liberal Democrats or another sympathetic party like the Sex Party will be able to snipe one of those seats off the Greens. Hopefully Fielding is gone for good, too.

  4. He’s the only pre-established candidate and as a result strikes me as the most enthusiastic and best to represent the LDP in parliament.

  5. I also think the odds favour Labor, but queensland is described as crucial, and it is marginal, and Queenslanders don’t like how Kevin was ousted. (They seem to have forgotten that Kevin was given the job because of Opinion polling, and lost it through the same mechanism.)

  6. Is Conroy’s seat in the senate up? Or will I have to endure 3 more years of his idiocy and tech illiteracy?

  7. So what bribes will the LDP offer this campaign? How will you bedazzle A. Verage Voter so that you collect lots of votes? I can be bribed!

  8. “So what bribes will the LDP offer this campaign? How will you bedazzle A. Verage Voter so that you collect lots of votes? I can be bribed!”

    Say your ultra fascist and want 50% carbon taxes on all moving objects paid directly to the United Nations. When properly funded, the United Nations can then move forward constructing the final utopia where we shall receive our daily bread in peace and harmony.

  9. Damian, I realise you are thinking of The Big Picture, but I was only thinking of this election! How will the LDP bribe me, here in Australia.
    They can plan on taking over the world AFTER they’ve conquered Australia, o.k.?

  10. Election time pisses me off. I live in blue ribbon seat that had a swing against labour that meant labour only collected 80% of the vote. whoopdy do dar day.

    Why can’t laws only apply to the people who voted these ‘representitives’ in…. why oh why.

  11. I’ve put my name down as the LDP candidate for the marginal seat of Bennelong. It will be tough but I’m hopeful we can win the seat from Labor. 😉

  12. Mundi, a better governing system would be time-share, where people, if they opted in to their local county as citizens, might have time-share government, where they would perform community service jobs through-out the year for a few days per month for eleven months, with the payoff being that in their birth-month, all citizens with that birth-month would be the government of the county.
    No professional politicians, no campaigns, and government not separate from us, the governed.

  13. I think the Libs should adopt Julia’s slogan, with their own twist.
    “We hear you, Julia! We intend to Move Forward- into the government Benches”

  14. Good on you Terje, I noticed your name come up. As long as after the election when we meet in Canberra, all of you House of Reps pricks are properly deferential to us Senators, we will get along just fine. 🙂

    Actually as you guys start before our term starts, you’ll be able to prepare the ground for us. (I’m the eternal optimist.) 🙂

  15. Jim – given that I think senators should be appointed by sortition rather than by election I’ll be working to undermine your re-election. 😉

    Seriously though you should get chummy with all the other minor parties and ensure that they preference you before the majors. You have to go and meet them all and treat them with respect if you want to make this happen. Senators from minor parties get elected by campaigning to the other minor parties, not by campaigning to the voters.

  16. Thanks Terje, I’ll look it up when I get the time. 🙂

    This is a good point and I will be working to achieve that, but I will be doing some campaigning in order to make sure I have enough votes to be ahead when the time comes.

  17. I’ve been reading the LDP policy announcements that have landed on my email and I must say they are just superb. This is one of the very optimistic things, and it was the same the last time around. They are so good they almost constitute an art form.

  18. What democratic societies should learn lessen from Australia election 2010:
    1. What voters crying for reforms not just parliament, but for all department?
    Voter’s pains did not link to high income Politicians and Bureaucracy.
    The Australia historical hung parliament demonstrated the big gap of inequality society between the small educated elite groups who get highest pay by talk feast used mouth work controlling live essential resources of the country in every social platforms against the biggest less educated groups who get lowest pay by hands work squeezed by discriminative policies that sucking live blood from individual poor/less wealth off?

    Voters’ voices do not hear?
    Voters’ pains do not ease?
    Voters’ cries do not care?

    Voter is crying for department reforms over 70 years that resulting a 2010 Hung Parliament?
    An iceberg example of voter’s crying:
    “……it seem to me there was an unfair to treat me when the merit of “Claim for Disability Support Pension or Sickness Allowance” form in detail clearly defy 15 hours classify the cut off point for acceptance, when comparing to my early assessment completed in June this year that it has the merit less than 8 hours (0-7) work capacity due to my long term medical impairment since an injury occurred in 2005”…….
    It was disappointing where the push of Parliament reform that mainly to brink good news to all MPs by the individual MPs during this year historical hung parliament in 70 years, and the reform did not including all Government Departments where it would directly brink good actions to all voters/or people?

    Ma kee wai
    (Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

  19. The poorest things in human history just liked you without brain? that’s why there were so many human tragities happening for so long as human exist?

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