History of the Libertarian Movement in Australia

For anyone who’s interested, I’ve uploaded Bill Stacey’s 1987 honors thesis to Liberty Australia. It’s a history of the libertarian movement in Australia, and I’m hoping there will be funding to publish it as a monograph at some point.

Luke McGrath (of Western Australia) has also uploaded an excellent paper on why we should privatize national defense.

My aim is to collect all Australian libertarian scholarship in one location. So if anyone knows of an unpublished honors thesis or PhD dissertation, tip me off at ssabhlok@mises.com. It has recently come to my attention that someone at ANU has written something about the Australian warfare state (adapting Robert Higgs’ work) so with luck that should be available soon.

7 thoughts on “History of the Libertarian Movement in Australia

  1. An “independent look” would involve a SMH harridan rabbiting on with bullshit about how “real libertarians” actually support Pol Pot.

    I’m not kidding, unfortunately.

  2. *A History of libertarianism in Australia*

    A fascinating look at an entirely pathetic, hopeless and futile political movement.

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