5 thoughts on “Surreal in Cuba

  1. Well, if he thinks the system is failing, why doesn’t he just vote for a party other than the Communists?… some people just don’t ‘get it’, do they?

  2. I realise that Castro is a communist, but has he actually murdered anyone? Or are you thinking of all the prisons for political prisoners, were some people would have died? I do not count the guerilla war as murder, since Batista seemed to be a thug, and his soldiers and guards were probably of the same sort, so his overthrow does not worry me.

  3. He can’t even do the Soviet trick of blaming it on the previous dictator for perverting the true ideals of communism.

    In reality it sounds like a way of saving face and opening the door for market reforms. In the absence of a free-market counter revolution, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  4. According to ‘the Black Book of Communism’ Castro is directly responsible for 14,000 deaths by firing squad, many of which were without trial. Che Guevara personally bagged several hundred, shooting them in the head with a pistol, again without any trial which he considered a ‘bourgeois unnecessity’.

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