Americans for Tax Reform

According to their website;

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) opposes all tax increases as a matter of principle.

We believe in a system in which taxes are simpler, flatter, more visible, and lower than they are today. The government’s power to control one’s life derives from its power to tax. We believe that power should be minimized.

ATR was founded in 1985 by Grover Norquist at the request of President Reagan.

President and founder, Grover Norquist, was interviewed on ABC Lateline last night. If you missed it on TV you should try and catch it here:-


It is now on youtube:-


An interview on 2GB:-

15 thoughts on “Americans for Tax Reform

  1. How do they propose paying for the wars, Medicare, Social Security, highways, libraries, parks, the military, police, fire departments…

    It’s really just that they’re only thinking of themselves and not of the good of our country. We’re deep in debt from the irresponsible tax cuts.

  2. Ben,

    Norquist has said: limit the Feds to the constotution and let the States do the rest, and through better tax policy and ending waste.

    “Just thinking of themselves” LOL, that must explain the surge in popularity of the tea party and the fact that they’re sick of high paying taxes for neglible outcomes.

    Oh it’s all Bush’s fault. Yeah right. Bush spent too much. The tax cuts are alleged to have created a deficit even after Obama leaves office. This is simply proposterous. We can then say that Obama’s failed stimulus has an effect for at least 14 years as well. Cutting capital gains is good. Have you ever been employed by the poor? (Um yes, maybe through taxation).

    Rationalising the tax base is better.

  3. What will the catchy slogan be this time? “No taxation without Representation”? Oh, that’s right, they’ve already signed up to being taxed, so long as they are represented! We must make sure that Australia avoids that mistake. “No taxes, AND no ‘Representatives’!”

  4. I wonder if Gillard will set the mining tax to zero, now that the mandate has disappeared, and the electorate smote both parties?
    And what will she say are ‘core promises’? How long before they go?

  5. I wish I could give clear, succinct answers on these topics as well as Norquist. Leigh Sales was totally outclassed, or was handed questions put together by the work experience guy.

  6. Jarrah – you seem to assume that Leigh Sales was supposed to make him look bad and she failed. I thought she asked good questions and allowed him to answer them. In my book she did her job.

  7. Not ‘look bad’, but interviewers should be at least challenging their guests, not serving as sounding boards. A majority of the questions weren’t good, they were the simplistic stuff you and I get thrown at us on certain other blogs. I expected better from a high-profile show with an experienced journalist. It’s OK to start simple and dig deeper, but only if you have the time to dig, which wasn’t the case here.

    In a way, I suppose it’s nice that ABC viewers got good answers to questions they might have themselves.

  8. I don’t think an interview needs to be an adversarial debate and I think too many are run that way. An interview can be just a list of probing questions that helps the person present themselves and their opinions and the reasoning behind those opinions to the audience.

  9. I thought he did a very good job of answering the questions and avoiding contention at the same time, which is somewhat rare. Most people don’t have the capacity to do both at the same time.

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