Some folk don’t like Obama

It seems lofty rhetoric and a black skin are not sufficient qualifications to be effective as US President . What a surprise.

Obama’s popularity, low and falling, is expected to be a major contributor to the Democrats losing control of the House of Reps and perhaps the Senate in the mid-term elections next month.  The reasons are many and varied, but this mentions a few of them.

10 thoughts on “Some folk don’t like Obama

  1. The warning signs have been out there ever since the “Kennedy” seat went Republican at the start of the year, but the Dems have been in denial, after all the thing about socialism is the confidence its adherents have in it. A hundred years of failure prove nothing.

    Seriously though mate, try something better than the country, old brown dog style, and get with the modern libertarian punk rock scene, like Right Arm of Wyoming.”

  2. Things are so bad, even ‘Doonesbury’, the cartoon, is currently poking fun at the President, by having his staff hide his ‘chill pills’, so he’ll emote more, and seem more human! If even the cartoonists are against you, you are in trouble!

  3. See, we need the ‘Discussion’ site back! I’m going to post something here, which does not relate to it, nor to any other site up at the moment! don’t blame me for the fact that it is completely different!
    If you don’t read quality trash, like MX, you might not know that unnamed British forecasters are saying that the future British winter in the months ahead will be at least as bad as last years winter, which was the coldest for 31 years.
    Maybe the British should thank AGW for postponing the imminent Ice Age! We need more carbon in the air! Start driving six-cylinder cars, right now! For the sake of the children!

  4. Doonesbury’s position is usually American-Liberal- and they usually support the Big O. however, he might be about to help the Democrats to lose seats- the only real sin in politics.

  5. Yobbo – in the song they borrowed from the singer (Kenny Rogers) is making off with another mans wife whilst singing about the hardship of the hubby. It wouldn’t be such a great campaign pitch. 😦

    I love “The Gambler” and “Coward of the County”.

  6. “Ruby, don’t take your love to town” is another good one.

    It’s about a Vietnam Vet who is in a wheelchair, and is therefore unable to stop his wife from going into bars and whoring herself around town.

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