Lost respect for Greg Craven

Greg Craven, who claims to be pro-federalism, has written a book denouncing secession and arguing it would be illegal under the Australian Constitution.

But as Clyde Wilson points out in his essay “Secession: The Last, Best Bulwark of Our Liberty” the principle of federalism, for it to have any meaning, implies a right of secession.

I used to think Craven was a great scholar, having read his book Conversations with the Constitution but now I see he’s inconsistent, confused and rather disengenous. Secession is NOT illegal under the Australian Constitution, as I hope to show in a forthcoming essay.

2 thoughts on “Lost respect for Greg Craven

  1. Another character doomed by a bad name! Greg sounds like grog, which is alright, but then you come to the Craven part. What? you think this is a real person?

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