John Howard’s new book, at the CIS

I find this to be a fascinating and informative event. The former Prime Minister John Howard is a man of tremendous wisdom and insight, who has numerous brilliant ideas on how to change our society for the better. Indeed he is undoubtedly the greatest Australian classical liberal. While in government, he instituted many policies lowering taxes, moving towards free trade and cutting government spending.

When he left office, the size of government was 50% smaller than when he entered it.

He promised to never introduce the Goods and Services Tax, and by golly, he stuck to his guns!

In John Howard we find someone with unshakable principles and integrity, never once bowing to lobbyists, and always defending fundamental planks of the liberal program: gun rights, drug legalization, peaceful foreign policy and anti-central banking.

Let us all rejoice and buy his new book, now available at a store near you.

16 thoughts on “John Howard’s new book, at the CIS

  1. Unfortunately his big taxing, civil liberty affronting Government looks good compared to the current turkeys.

  2. Ah yes, the John Howard fight for freedom, liberty and gun rights! Well remembered! How valiantly he fought against those on the socialist left who wanted to ban guns, ban knives, ban etc. If they had their way they would have diverted billions of taxpayer dollars away from badly needed resources in mental health, aged care, suicide prevention etc. We all remember JWH.

  3. Yes John Howard was “evil” and all his opponents were angelic libertarians and/or peaceful communists. In truth, I hope he makes millions.

  4. Not sure his introduction of the GST deserves vitriol, he took is to an election and I certainly have nothing against the idea of a consumption tax. It’s better than most other taxes.

  5. I still maintain he is Australia’s second greatest prime minister.

    From that statement you may be able to interpret my feelings regarding the standard of politicians we have in this country. Australians get the politicians they deserve.

  6. John Howard. Massive growth of government. Higher spending. More regulations. Destruction of civil liberties. Wars. At least Labor doesn’t pretend to believe in freedom.

    Work Choices might have partially redeemed him, but that backfired spectacularly.


  7. Ben you coward, care to call me a Nazi here as well because I said euthenasia should be up to the patient and them alone but requires careful drafting as to avoid the European mess?

    What you think is frankly puerile garbage. Howard only looks good because the ALP are the arguably worst Government ever right now.

    “angelic libertarians and/or peaceful communists”

    Calling anyone who doesn’t believe in your CDP fantasy a Nazi or a commo. You can’t help yourself, can you, you imbecile?

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  9. As for the GST, didn’t their vote go down? Wasn’t it one of those elections where the other side had nore actual votes, Australia-wide?

  10. Australians get the politicians they deserve.

    The technical term is “representative democracy”. However for systemic reasons I think the politicians we get are a little worse than what we deserve.

    John Howard was an enormously successful polititian. He deserves credit for being able to attain and retain political power. I’m not much of a fan but he did also do some good things whilst in power. He codified central bank independence and made inflation control the central aim of monetary policy. He helped break the union grip on the water front. He got Telstra out of government ownership. He reduced nominal tax rates in the face of a hostile opposition. He tackled the PC view that welfare was an entitlement and placed mutual obligation at the centre of Australian political thinking. He also deserves credit for a very long list of things he didn’t do. He certainly wasn’t all bad even if if he did some obviously bad things. No Prime Minister can avoid disappointing large numbers of people. It’s the nature of the job.

  11. John Howard, a supporter of gun ownewrship? Yeah, right. John Howard was (and still is) a staunch supporter of the anti-gun movement and he harboured desires to ban and restrict the legal ownership of firearms as far back as 1995 when he was Opposition Leader (

    In many ways, John Howard was the worst Prime Minister Australia ever had. He taxed the Australian taxpayer to death with his taxes (most of which went into the Liberal Party’s campaign coffers), restricted the rights and liberties of Australians and made the Australian economy worse with his economic policies. If it wasn’t for the demand for minerals and primary products from China and India during the Howard years, the Australian economy would have tanked it in a major way.

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