LDP turns ten

This coming Sunday the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) will celebrate it’s tenth birthday at it’s national conference in Canberra. I’ll be there to mark the occasion as will many other libertarians. If you are interested in knowing more about Australia’s only libertarian political party, it’s policies and progress then look it up on facebook or check out the party website. And if you can make it to Canberra for the day then please feel free to rock up to the event or to join us for the informal dinner and/or drinks on the Saturday night prior.

8 thoughts on “LDP turns ten

  1. I won’t be there, but I wish little LD Party a wonderful birthday! I’ll send lots of Air-birthday cake its’ way.
    Meanwhile, I’ll be working on The Binary Button, my invention to replace all ordinary buttons. With the millions i make, I will promote libertarianism in the real (non-Canberra) world! So it’ll be a great weekend, all round!

  2. Nuke, try for a ‘smart’ vacuum cleaner instead.

    In my bachelor days I encountered the problem of sections of floor that were so bad they just had to be done. This caused the cleaned sections to make the rest look really shithouse, so it all had to be done anyway. If the cleaner had a sensor to detect what the rest was like, and just took those sections back to that level, it would save a lot of work. I have suggested it to a number of women, but they just mutter something about “bloody men.”

    Anyway I’m looking forward to meeting you all on the day.

  3. Jim, I think that what you need is a quick-drying paint sprayer, one which looks like a vacuum cleaner, but which sprays and polishes paint! If you choose a cheap paint, and use it on the floor first, then people will just assume that this is the natural colour, and your ‘cleaning’ with the odd-shaped cleaner will always do a good job! I am too busy to invent such a device at the moment, so you have the field all to yourself. Good luck!

  4. So how was the wild party, guys and guyettes? Any radical policy overhauls? Any 10th birthday resolutions?

  5. It was our best ever conference, NG. The business session was painless and the four speakers all excellent.
    I personally thought Sinclair Davidson’s presentation was superb. His slides are available if you are interested.

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