Deficit reduction fraud, LP explains.

The latest Libertarian Party newsletter contains this gem in which Mark Grannis and Arvin Vohra explain just how and why the new bipartisan deal on deficit reduction results in Americans being duded again.

Arvin: “I just saved $350,000.”
Mark: “How?”
Arvin: “By not buying a Ferrari in 2016!”
Mark: “Nice.”

The use of double speak is not exclusive to the US though. Here we see tax hikes described as government savings. In reality this indicates that they think that the proportion of our earnings they don’t take off us is wasted.

Gillard/Brown/Abbott will take us beyond ‘Atlas Shrugged’, to ‘Atlas Sha**ed’ if this attitude persists.

4 thoughts on “Deficit reduction fraud, LP explains.

  1. Are “tax subsidies” for oil companies a form of spending. Otherwise a good video. The deal seems to increase borrowing by $2.4 trillion immediately whilst reducing projected spending (not actual) by $2 trillion over ten years.

  2. Lets face it: We all knew this would happen. The arguments were actually over how much extra to spend and what to spend it on. They were never over cuts. The republicans are the biggest spenders in history. The only agreement they wanted was agreement that the government should spend more and go into debt more. $2 trillion over 10 years why the deficit and debt both increase! And sheeple fall for this….

  3. As usual parts of the media are complicit in spinning this. They tell the story as if there is a deep spending cut now happening.

  4. Yep over here (the UK) the media is running a deep cuts narrative whilst state spending grew by 5% last year and formerly sensible MP’s tell us that a 10% cut in the state in one year would be impossible (ie the UK could not survive on a state of just £540B).

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