Call for Papers – Journal of Peace, Prosperity & Freedom

To mark the historic Mises Seminar in Sydney, Liberty Australia is launching The Journal of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom. Inspired by the Libertarian Papers, the new journal will carve out a niche in applications of Austrian economics, revisionist history, legal arguments from an individualist perspective and other topics not addressed by existing free-market publications. The primary focus will be on Australia, however analysis of other countries and general principles is welcome.

I will maintain a list of referees with expertise in the specialist topics covered by the review. If you are interested in acting as a referee please shoot me an email.

Information for Contributors

Frequency: once a year.

Distribution: Published digitally online. Individual printed copies can be ordered from Liberty Australia (a subscription system is available for those who prefer it to be posted to them).

Submissions are sought for:

(1) Research articles up to 7000 words in length;

(2) commentaries up to 3000 words

(3) book reviews of between 800-2000 words.

The citation format used is the Cambridge Style, so please ensure articles conform to this.

Deadline: Please send submissions to by August 30, 2012.

If you’d like to edit articles, know graphic design or want to donate in other ways, do get in touch.

7 thoughts on “Call for Papers – Journal of Peace, Prosperity & Freedom

  1. Sukrit, you might want to check on Jim Fryar’s ‘Real world libertarian’ site, and get an article from the cutie who interrupted an anti-semitic rally in Brisbane! she describes herself as a libertarian, and, as someone who has been in the news, she might bring some colour to the Review!

  2. There oughta be a law against it! Think about the children! (The ones I might have when her and me shack up together!) Think about the future children!

  3. All joking aside, putting the face of a pretty girl on the cover will attract both sexes to the journal. Perhaps you could interview a female enterpreneur, and have her talk about how tough it is to start and/or run a business with all the laws and regulations, and all the union demands. A bland journal may satisfy intellectuals, but to reach the masses, you need something eye-catching! Maybe you could interview Scherri-Lee Biggs, who represented Australia in the Miss Universe contest- and have her talk about the dangers of feminism, as some feminists want to close down all beauty pageants, I’m sure you can carry on from that!

  4. Another point- Mark Steyn wrote in yesterday’s ‘The Australian’ about how Canada’s human rights commissions were used to try to censor him forever in British Columbia. You might want to contact him for an article- he should be able to generate lots of controversy, which is all to the good.

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