Neville Kennard Memorial Prize

Neville Kennard was one of the patron saints of Australian libertarianism and free-market economics.

As Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe wrote, “Nev was… extremely well read, immensely curious and always full of ideas and plans. He was a hard-core Rothbardian, an uncompromising anarcho-capitalist, and a formidable intellectual fighter”.

To honour his memory, Liberty Australia has decided to hold an essay competition to be called the Neville Kennard Memorial Prize.


Who can enter?

Any Australian resident under the age of 30.



Private property rights, free enterprise and capitalism will lead to the ruination of our planet. We need the government to control the rapacious profit motive in order to save the Earth. Discuss.


Word Length

Essays should be a maximum of 1500 words. Footnotes are not essential, but if you do decide to include them, they will not be included in the wordcount.



The Grand Prize Winner will receive an expenses paid trip to the Mises Seminar 2012 in Sydney held during December 1-2, and dinner with keynote speaker, Dr Walter Block (pictured right). Honorable Mentions will receive a copy of the 4-Disc Mises Seminar 2011 DVD. Both the Grand Prize Winner and Honorable Mentions may see their contributions featured in one of Liberty Australia’s publications, such as The Journal of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom, or published on the front page of our website.



The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm, November 15, 2012. Please email submissions to …



Contest Rules

  1. Submitted essays must be your original creation!
  2. You may submit only one entry.
  3. Essays should be no longer than 1500 words (not including footnotes)
  4. Submission of writing constitutes your agreement to the Essay Contest Terms & Conditions.
  5. Entries should be in English.


Award winners will be announced via Liberty Australia’s official newsletter.



With many thanks to Kennards Self Storage and other donors.

4 thoughts on “Neville Kennard Memorial Prize

  1. This sounds great, but what did Mr. Kennard do? Did he write a good book that we can now all enjoy? Until now, I’d never heard of him!

  2. thanks for causing trouble at work, Sukrit!!!
    I was watching that youtube video, and a co-worker wanted to know how i was able to watch it, and he couldn’t get youtube on his terminal! Acrimony all round!!!
    Thanks heaps!!

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