The Journal of Peace, Prosperity & Freedom

As editor of Australia’s only journal dedicated to advancing research in “Austrian” free-market economics and libertarian political philosophy, I invite you to browse the articles from the first issue, available for free online.

Physical copies can be ordered from Amazon for only $8. Please do contribute an article for the second edition.

5 thoughts on “The Journal of Peace, Prosperity & Freedom

  1. This looks promising. However, even though you want it to be taken seriously, isn’t there some way to put a pretty girl or smiling woman on the cover? I mention this, because people respond to what is on the cover. not everyone, of course, but lots of people do. Let’s use market nous if we’re promoting free markets!

  2. Yes, but shouldn’t the girls have a bigger place? And where’s the centerfold of Miss Capitalist Libertarian?

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