Documentary on environmental alarmism

The documentary “Not Evil Just Wrong” has been described as an anti-AGW film. I haven’t seen it, but I understand that the primary theme is to argue against environmental alarmism and the occasional tendency of humans to let fear drive us to silly policy. If so, then it is an important story worth telling.

The film will be premiered in private showings around the world on 18 October 2009. Various groups have arranged for screenings around Australia, with details on facebook. For those in Sydney, the screening is at Level 3, Manning Building, Manning Road, University of Sydney, and costs $15.

Not Evil, Just Wrong: A Call To Arms!

There can be no doubt that every single Australian libertarian should be opposed to Penny Wong’s ETS. All of us should be doing anything in our power to stop this monstrosity from this job-killing, economy-destroying big government tax from becoming law. If passed, it will set a new precedent in government meddling right down to the household level, pave the stage for greater power to unelected bureaucrats, and will achieve nothing for the environment. Even if believe in anthropogenic global warming, there is no way you can believe this is the best way to proceed.

With a Senate vote on Australia’s economic death-sentence only a month away, now is the time for action.

Fortunately, in a little under 3 weeks, a groundbreaking major film will premiere worldwide that tackles the human cost of global warming head on. On October 18 Not Evil Just Wrong will premiere all over the world. And this will be a game-changer.

Made by Greener Horizon Films, producers of the critically acclaimed “Mind Your Own Business” (which many of you may have seen on its Australian tour), this is the first major movie on the true cost of global warming hysteria.

The Australian Libertarian Society is an affiliate of Not Evil Just Wrong, and every sale of this film through this webpage will directly help the ALS.

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Bjorn Lomborg talks about climate change policy

Some people think that climate change is a disaster and we need to take drastic action now. Other people believe that it’s all in our minds and we should ignore the whole thing. I think there is a sensible middle ground that is being crowded out with all the shouting, and it is represented by the likes of Bjorn Lomborg and Pat Michaels (CATO scholar).

Lomborg and Michaels say that the globe is in a warming trend and that humans are contributing to this. However, instead of running around like a gaggle of headless chicken-littles, they ask that we have a careful look at the consequences and not jump into stupid policy.

In his most recent work, Lomborg has brought together a group of experts to look at the relative effectiveness of a range of policy options. The best options are climate engineering (specifically marine cloud whitening), new technology research and adapting to changes. The worst options were those aiming to directly reduce emissions.

Lomborg talks to Reason TV about his conclusions:

Climate change conference

The Heartland Institute is keeping up its campaign on climate change. Following their 2nd conference earlier this year in New York (sponsored by the ALS), they are now hosting a 3rd conference in Washington DC on 2 June. The ALS will again sponsor the event and will be represented there by ALS board member Tim Andrews. If you are in the area and would like to go, please e-mail me. 

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2009 Conference on Climate Change


The debate about climate change is ongoing. In 2008 we have seen the coldest year since 1994 2000* and the current temperature is nearly exactly the same as the average over the 1970s baseline average taken in the 1970s.

We did see some warming in the late 20th century, and we also saw an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases. It’s reasonable to think that these things are linked, but at the moment we still don’t have enough information to really know what’s going on. Will temperatures continue to rise? What other effects are at play? What will be the consequence of warmer temperatures? What is the best policy response?

Some commentators throw their arms in the air and scream like chicken-little about the sky falling.

In contrast, the Heartland Institute in America is hosting the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change which will invite people to have a calm look at the issue without the fear-mongering. Some speakers already signed on include William Gray, Richard Lindzen and Stephen McIntyre.

The conference will be held in New York on March 8-10, and you are invited to attend.

The Australian Libertarian Society is co-sponsoring the event.

* (10 March) The original reference to 1994 was based on the numbers available when the post as written. A commenter consequently pointed out that the updated numbers changed the outcome, and consequently the post was updated.