Thursday is the new Tuesday

The SMH reports that the cheapest day for petrol has now shifted to Thursday.  No big deal – supply and demand – as people changed their habits to benefit from cheap Tuesday prices, it was inevitable.   Which makes this reaction somewhat laughable:

Motoring body NRMA wants oil companies and servos explain why the cheapest day to buy fuel has quietly changed from Wednesday to Thursday during the past three weeks.

It’s the first change to the weekly price cycle since 2004, when it moved from Tuesday to Wednesday.

What planet are these people on?

It means motorists are continuing to miss out on cheaper prices, NRMA president Wendy Machin said.

The latest shift comes as the Federal Government urged for petrol prices to be investigated.

“Something untoward is happening with the weekly price cycle,” Ms Machin said.

Changing price cycle to match demand would be considered common sense to most people… but when it comes to petrol, it’s something untoward.